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The Sringeri achAryas give sannyAsa only to their direct successors.
Sometimes they may be present during the occasion of other people, but the
dIkSha would not be through them.


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> On Sun, 22 Dec 2019, Manas Bharadwaaj via Advaita-l wrote:
> I can only attempt to answer some of your questions.  Hopefully other list
> members can fill in the blanks.
> >
> > Does anyone know Shri Paramananda Bharati Swami of Sringeri and his
> > background? Did he receive his Sanyasa Ashrama from HH Bharathi Theertha
> > Mahaswami as so many newspaper claims?
> >
> I recall someone here saying that he actually got his diksha from the
> swami of one of the branch maths of Shringeri. But he considered himself a
> disciple of Shringeri acharyas in any case.
> > Also does anyone happen to have a PDF of Sense Perception in Science and
> > Sastras and God, Rebirth and Vedas as PDF?
> There is a website www.mahaparivrajaka.co.in which has some of his books
> and lectures.  Perhaps you might find them there?
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