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Hare Krishna

Adi-puruSha or simply puruSha (of puruSha sUkta) is continuously active in incremental creation, sustenance, and incremental destruction/ transformation of the world we live in.

>  Upanishad says Adi purusha or Upanishad brahma is nishkriya.  But while talking about shrushti, it talks about brahman's desire (sOkAmayata).  And in this srushti krama after hiraNya garbha the virAt purusha comes into picture.  This virAt purusha or prajApati brahma is prathamaja (the first born).  (Itareya shruti talks about it if I am not wrong).  He does the srushti, sthiti and saMhAra.  He indeed has the longest day and longest night.  We can refer the Geeta 8.17 & 18 for the duration of day and night of virAt purusha.  

Let us call the raw material that puruSha works on as the unmanifest.

>  Yes, that is right that which is avyakta in pralaya, would become vyakta in virAt's day.  And he is the cause behind avyakta becoming vyakta ( from unmanifest to manifestation)

From this unmanifest, with active involvement from puruSha, special ingredients
(tattva-s) useful for life keep getting formed. This collection of special tattva-s is called visheSha.

The remanding raw material is termed sheSha.

The ruler of this visheSha is virATa/ virAja (in puruSha sUkta)

adhi puruSha (in puruSha sUkta) operates on this pool of visheSha, and creates special beings in the creation like trimUrti-s, deva-s, gandharva-s, humans ...

puruSha == kAraNodaka shayi puruSha ==  kAraNodaka shayi viShNu adhi puruSha == garbhodaka shayi puruSha == garbhodaka shayi viShNu viShNu from trimUrti == kShirodaka shayi puruSha == kShirodaka shayi viShNu

>  I reckon bhAgavata talks about these different types of vishNu-s.  ISKCONites show this to us and say :  see we have different types of vishNu-s and for all these different vishNu-s the supreme godhead is 'Lord Krishna'.  Hence vishNu/s too a created being inferior to Krishna.  Krishna never ever created like this, his prison birth is mere leela 😊 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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