[Advaita-l] Drishti-srishti alluded to by Shankara

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> "In deep sleep it becomes transparent like water, the witness,  one and
> without a second. ..''
> When, however, that ignorance which presents things other than the self is
> at rest, in that state of profound sleep, there being nothing separated
> from the self by ignorance
> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> I think we have to take these statements of shruti about self with a pinch
> of salt or it is mere arthavAda or unnecessary eulogy   !!!  because
> according to mAndUkya's 6th mantra interpreted by vyAkhyAnakAra-s  the
> prAjna in sushupti is NOT one without second brahma but it is kArya brahma,
> he is not transparent clean water but tainted with mUlAvidyA or kAraNAvidyA
> or bhAva rUpa avidyA which is again NOT jnAnAbhAva.  kArika and bhAshya
> bhAga too at some places support this view point that tureeya is the
> avasthA which is completely free from any sort of avidyA.  So, there is
> something which exists in sushupti which is avaraNAtmaka or whatever it is
> apart from self.


While it is true that the Turiya is not what is meant in the sushupti
state, the bhashya highlights the absence of experience of duality in that
state as the yukti to show that dvaita, naanaatva, is not real,
svaabhaavika. That which exists in one instance, state, and is absent in
another, cannot be held to be satya. This yukti, is essential in manana.
For tattva darshana, however, one has to realize that the sushupti state is
not Turiya since the seed, beeja. for naanaatva is present in sushupti. We
have also to remember that dvaita constitutes bondage, experience of
samsara, only in its vyakta avasthaa.  In the avyakta avasthaa, dvaita does
not cause samsara anubhava. It is in this light that the stated two mantras
are seen by the Bhashyakara.

warm regards

> Again, not for any debate but presenting another way of looking at the
> sushuptAvastha.  Veda aveda, deva adeva etc. have been attributed to this
> state but still we have sOpAdhika kArya brahma according to 6th mantra of
> mAndUkya in sushupti.  So, we have to understand these statements in line
> with dictum of mAndUkya's 6th mantra.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar

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