[Advaita-l] A quest in respect of a descendant of Sri Appayya Dikshitar

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An important message to all the Smarta brahmanas of Tamil Nadu in general--
both the Tamil Smartas and Telugu Smartas; and
1) to all the descendants of Appayya Dikshitendra specifically &
2) to the Sringeri shishyas of Tirunelveli specifically which includes the
descendants of Palamadai Nilakantha Dikshitar, the grand-nephew of Srimad
Appayya Dikshitendra.

I need an information from the Sringeri shishyas who have their ancestry in

I have discovered that there has been a very small minority among the
descendants of Appayya Dikshitendra who have been Sringeri shishyas.

The 99% majority of Dikshitendra's descendants happened to be Kanchi
shishyas based on the districts the previous generation people lived in.

There was one agnihotri brahmana in Kadayam village named Shesha Dikshitar
who took sannyasam and was known as Sivananda Yogindra (not to be confused
with Swami Sivananda of Hrishikesh). This Sivananda Yogindra (purvashramam
Shesha Dikshitar) was one of the descendants of Appayya Dikshitendra.

Based on this fact it is evident that there must have been at least a small
group of Sringeri shishyas who had Dikshitendra as their ancestor. And
these people must have been the purvashramam relatives of Sivananda

This group of Dikshitendra's descendants among the Sringeri shishyas are
different from the Palamadai family members.

I mean Nilakantha Dikshitar's descendants. Their lineage is different from
the lineage of Shesha Dikshitar (Sivananda Yogindra).

Sivananda Yogindra attained Siddhi in 1898.

These are the information I want from the Sringeri shishyas of Tirunelveli:

1) Does any of you know of Swami Sivananda Yogindra

2) Does anyone know of any descendants of Sivananda Yogindra at present or
in the past generation

3) Can anyone tell me if there is any adhishthanam in/around Kadayam in the
name of Sivananda Yogindra. I have seen information of him living in
Kalahasti-kshetram for a long time, but there is no information as to where
he attained siddhi-- Kadayam, Kalahasti or elsewhere.

4) Have you heard anything about him from the elders of the previous

I have been studying two of the Sanskrit works of Sivananda Yogindra and I
feel so inspiring that I am curious to know who this mahan was. When I
study his works I experience the same bliss that I experience on studying
the books of Mahamahopadhyaya Mannargudi Sri Raju Sastrigal who was a
contemporary of Sivananda Yogindra and one of the most illustrious
descendants of Dikshitendra.




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