[Advaita-l] How Guru Changes Life ?

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Dear Members,                           As we discussed earlier 'Sri Guru' is Sarva Karana Bhuta Shakthi! Since he transfer the Kundalini to the needy disciple, he can handle well the disciple's karanasaira from his sukshma soarer and he is capable of doing that job with our any selfish interests. He will definitely reduce the disciple's karma, but an Idle disciple shouldn't give that much burden to the guru and one has to come forward willingly to bear the one's own karma.
An able adept guru could guide the seeker to find the state of tranquility by sharing the knowledge of the inner life to compliment the knowledge imparted by the teachers. This inner truth will make an holistic approach to find out the integrated reality of human life. Guru directs your gaze inward and reveals you to the light of your own self. It is a journey from  self to self. He simple sheds the light on this truth and facilitates the quest for the self realisation. Scriptures says that a jivatma will meets a guru when there is an intense yearning for the same. Then the karmic time will automatically will take you to the place where the guru lives and Guru will be at the rescue of the disciple who is in need of that.
The bliss of rediscovering the self removes all the pride accumulated by the senses and their outward look. The Truth is not revealed by none and it can only be known to the self. Only the self can excute it and it is the guru who can awaken the divine knowledge in the self. 
Once it happened the the Lord Krishna & his close friend sudhama (Kuchela) were learning the vidya under the sandipamuni's ashram in the avantikapura. Sudhama has always having doubt in his mind that his sakhya Krishna will for get him after the completion of the gurukul. It was also happened in reality that after the completion of the gurukul, sudhama left to his village and krishna has gone to dwaraka to rule his kingdom. As the time cursed sudhama and he did not having a single penny to live his life and no sufficient food to feed his children. Sudhama's wife told her husband to go the Dwarakedeesh Krishna to get some help. Sudhama went to dwaraka with some shyness due to his ugly teared clothes and met his childhood friend krishna and every one in the Krishna's palace surprised to see that krishna washing the feet of Sudhama and worshipping the begger. After the Arghya, padya, Pujanam, Krishna requested Sudhama about the gift what he brought from the village. Sudhama was very shy to reveal the gift which he brought for krishna. Krishna forced sudhama to open the gift in front of all, and Krishan could able to see the 'Pruthuka'(Poha-Flattned/beatned rice flakes) which was tied at the end of his 'Kaupina'. Poha was the very much favourite food for krishna in the Gokul and he couldn't find it much after he left the gokul. Although the condition of that poha brought by sudhama was not in good gesture as it was smelling with some blackish colour. How ever, Krishna was so impressed with the sudhama's gift for his child hood friend and he took couple of 'mutti's' with his hand and eaten. It was happened by that time his poor hut at his place has become a big palace with wealth/gold. Krishna was about to take the Third mutti of the poha, ever one was surprised to see the foolish act of krishna to eat beggar's food. But this incidence alerted 'Rukmini' & Narada who were present there and requested Krishna to stop that otherwise the whole Parivar of Krishna along with eight wife's, ten thousand gopika's has to go to suhdhama's house and live there. That was the power of the Guru-Sishya/Sakhya Discipline. One can always make fun of any situation or any relationship who never know the reality & power of the Bondage of the Guru-Sishya which is eternal.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara

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