[Advaita-l] Mantra Japa during grahana.

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No.  Grahanakala is an inauspicious time for japa

I don't agree this as I have reference to contradict this statement.Ganapathi atharvana sirsha says that : Suuryagrahe-Mahaa-Nadyaam Pratimaa-Sannidhau Vaa Japtvaa Siddha-Mantro Bhavati.
I also learnt from Guru's that the 'Japa' made during the Graham kala is multi folded times of the actual one which leads to siddhi. It can be scientifically explained by thee fact that,Due to the inactive movement of the planets during grahana kala, there will be no obstacles in reaching the god/godesees through the mantra shakti as their powers were embedded in the mantra. Sruti says the mantra is the subtle form of the god's power. I also learnt that  " Devam i.e God is Mantradhinam which indeed is Brahmmanadihnam". It is Brahmman who can reveal the mantra to the needy by the perfect judgement/testing.
My grand father often used to say me that : The Gnapanti mantra is to be done during the 'Surya Graham' & Panchadasi or any other mother goddess mantra should be performed during Chandra Graham and any other mantra's also can be done as Japa's during the Graham Kala times which could give Mantra Siddhi in shorter time as I have seen many doing like this in the Varansi Ghats during the Graham Periods since several years.
Learned may comment or contribute their views.My reference is below.

अष्टौ ब्राह्मणान् सम्यग् ग्राहयित्वा सूर्यवर्चस्वी भवति ।
सूर्यग्रहेमहानद्यां प्रतिमासन्निधौ वा जप्त्वा सिद्धमन्त्रो भवति
महाविघ्नात् प्रमुच्यते ।
महादोषात् प्रमुच्यते ।
महाप्रत्यवायात् प्रमुच्यते ।
स सर्वविद् भवति स सर्वविद् भवति ।
य एवं वेद ।
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara
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> Pranams,
> Can gayatri japa or panchakshari or ashtakshari be done during grahana time?
> Just heard the kutralam.sidheshwari peetam swamiji say that satvik mantra
> japas like gayatri, panchakshari etc should NOT be done.
> Quick response to this expected.

No.  Grahanakala is an inauspicious time for japa, vedadhyana, 
shastradhyana etc.  But stotras such as Adityahrdaya, Hanuman Chalisa, or 
kavacha of ones ishtadevata are recommended.

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