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Dr.Shankar Rajaraman of Bangalore is a practicing medical doctor in the
field of psychiatry. He is also an accomplished scholar, poet, etc. in
Sanskrit. He is famous as 'Ashtavadhani' having participated in many events.

In this interview, his concluding remarks about 'Moksha is a purushartha
where there is no competition with others unlike the other artha and kaama.
As a result, in the former the mind relatively free from anxiety, negative
ideas, etc. which can be at a high degree in the pursuit of other goals.'
is very commendable.



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The short interview of about 10 minutes is available here:


अतीव रमणीयं सम्भाषणमिदम् | श्रीशंकरराजारमन् महोदयेन अतिसरलरूपेण
अष्टावधानस्य रूपमुक्तम् | अन्ते मनःस्थितिः चतुर्विधपुरुषार्थविषये कथं
परिणमते इत्येतदपि अतिमनःस्पर्शितया प्रतिपादितम् | विशेषतः
मोक्षपुरुषार्थयत्ने इतरैः सह स्पर्धा नैव भवति इति यदुक्तं तदत्यन्तं
समीचीनम् |

warm regards

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