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The Role of Manthara in Ramayana:Vishnu incarnates as Sri Rama at therequest of the Devas because life has become miserable in heaven and earth dueto the atrocities of asuras. Sri Rama is about to be crowned as emperor becauseDasaratha implores and Rama consents at the behest of his father. Naradaarrives and  reminds Rama that his sole work in this incarnation is tokill the asuras and bring peace in the universe. Sri Rama tells Narada that heis aware of the purpose of his incarnation.

When the devas hear that Rama is going tobe crowned ,they start distrusting Rama’s promis , because unless he leaves thepalace and moves outside and spots the asuras ,he cannot do what he promised.Devas were convinced that Rama will not  keep his promise, because hiscrowning ceremony is few hours away and he has also agreed. They approachedSaraswathy devi and requested her to go to Ayodhya and enter the tongue ofManthara (One of the forms of Maha-Maya).

In ayodhya - the grief  of Mantharawith three bends in her body, at the same time  crooked and very cunningwith her talk, climbs the stares of the palace and observes the streets ofAyodhya decorated and people in celebration mood Temples blare out divine songseverywhere, she hears sound of band and music and rejoicing people.

Gold decorated elephants and horses standing forthe procession. Then only she knows that tomorrow, Sri Rama is going to becrowned as emperor, She gets disillusioned because if Bharata was to be in thatposition ,what would have been  her position in the palace. She rushed tothe palace of kaikeyi. Kaikeyi was at that time half sleep and enjoying herafternoon nap, She cried, you foolish haughty lady, sleep always throught yourlife, Just See what is happening outside, Rama is going to be the king. Kaikeyiis delighted. She takes a necklace from her neck gives to Manthara But Manthara continuously scolds kaikeyi and urges her to think of away to stop thecoronation.

Now Kaikeyi enquires, why are you afraid of Rama. You should be happy  because Rama is the dearest tome. I love Rama more than Bharatha and  Rama loves me more than Kausalya,No one has so much of love and respect to me as Rama. Whatever covetable hegets he gives it first to me Not an unpleasant word comes from him. Hetirelessly takes care of whatever  is my needs. Why should I fear Rama. Heis the darling of the people and does only what is right. Manthara is skilled how to twist and fall for her talk comes out. She  startedinjecting venom in kaikeyis mind to break the affectionate bond Kaikeyi had toRama . 

See how she argues. By birth Rama is theeldest and had the right to the throne. But is  it not right that Bharathagets the authority  to the second place. But  by closeness to Rama it will be Lakshmana  who wields the power of the seccond incommand.By all possibilities it will be Lakshmana  who will rule thecountry. Kaikeyi will become a slave to Kausalya and Sumitrra. The two brotherswho have all the powers may even send Bharatha to the forest Kaikeyi in effectwill be  a slave to Kausaalya and  your son will suffer in theforest. You should start your efforts to save Bharatha right now. Dont believeDasaratha, because he goes all  the way to please Kausalya. I will tellyou the trick of how to send Rama to the forest and make Bharatha as the king.The next minute Kaikeyis opinions all change and  we see a fierce kaikeyi and rest of the story as we all know.

Even if we hve all good qualities,learned wealth, knowledge if we are in wrong company,we will also become bad. Butthe story of Ramayana will not happen without a charactor of manthra. Ramashould go to forest with Sita, then only Ravana could commit the mistake ofmisbehaving to Sita and  give Rama the reason for  wiping out the scourge  of Ravana and all the asuras  from this planet and bring peace and happiness to the righteous, Parithranaya sadhunam vinasaya chadushkritham dharma samsthapanarthaya ssambhavami yuge yuge. When anythingis created by god, he knows the reason and purpose of it
Although history is evident for the role of woman, Even today, How many kali yuga manthra's spoiling the family structures of hindu-undivied family cultures and making the disturbed families who never know when it will happen, happening and happened. So one should be aware and attentive to the forms of Maha-Maya i.e Manthrara who can destroy the happiness of the people for ever within minutes.
This could also be a divine role / Divine play of the almighty which is beyond my understandings and any learned members show their light on these type of characters.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara 

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 Thank you sir.
What a beautiful story.

Sita Rama 

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