[Advaita-l] anubhava

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Sat Jun 1 15:02:51 EDT 2019

Hari Om,

1.  What is anubhava?  Anubhava means to be in swaroopa sthiti.

2.  What is swaroopa sthiti?  'anatmani atma-buddhi-nivrttau

Gita 18.50 Shankara Bhashya
Therefore knowledge is quite self-revealing, and for the very same reason
the knower also is self-revealed. Hence, effort is not needed for
knowledge, but only for the removal of the notion of what is not-Self. [In
place of anatma-buddhi-nivrttau, Ast. has 'anatmani  atma-buddhi-nivrttau,
for the termination of thinking what is not the Self as the Self'.-Tr.]

3. How to be in swaroopa sthiti?  Please follow Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi
teaching. Whenever thoughts arise, question yourself 'Who am I?'   Never
answer 'Who am I?' because all answers come out of mind,   the pure
awareness cannot speak.

thanks and regards
-- durga prasad

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