[Advaita-l] Jagadguru Speaks: Remain Firm on the Path of Dharma

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Man can learn certain important lessons through his own
experiences, even as he strives to lead a righteous life. He can
reflect on the impermanence of objects and life around.
Did not the childhood years fly past like a dream? With the
passage of time, childhood playmates and friends part ways.
Youth provides some temporal pleasure, and before long, the body
ages. Spouse and progeny change their nature with time. The
wealth one possesses fluctuates.
The pull of prarabdha (past actions that have begun to yield
results) spares none and all our close associates are subject to its
sway. When such is the fickleness of human existence, where is
the need for pride and false prestige?
However, amidst such evanescent life, two aspects are long-lasting.
They are Dharma and Kirti, or the glory that comes with
adherence to Dharma. These two are ever with man, not just while
he is alive, but even after his death.
Our forefathers have spoken at length about the significance of
Dharma. Likewise, the glory associated with a person on the path
of Dharma prevails, even long past his death. Such a person will
also be remembered and praised by society for his Dharmic deeds.
Therefore, when man remains steadfast on the Dharmic path
under all circumstances, he will accumulate punya (merit) and
reap much fame and peace of mind. Our blessings for everyone to
understand this well and ever remain firm on the path of Dharma. 
  asthiraM jIvitaM loke youvanaM dhanamasthiram.h .
  asthiraM putradaaraadi dharmaH kIrtirdvayaM sthiram.h ..

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