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Fri Jun 7 05:29:23 EDT 2019

Dear Members,                        It was that time Adi shankaracould able to win all his arguments in the Tarka Sastra with Mandana Misra(Sureshwaracharya) and about to renouance with pride then the wife of themandana misra puts a challenge to shankara that your win is half only as I amthe Half of my husaband so you will be declared as winner only after if you winthe arguments in the Kama sasrta against my questions and she started askingthe questions like arrows. Being the sansyasi, shankara kepts quite for herquestions and requests the mother goddess to give some time to learn the kamasastra and back to the argument process.
Accordingly, Adi shankara wentinto the King’s body in disguise to learn the Kama-kala intricacies from the queenand the other vesya’s of the court, how ever queen could able to identifyshankara in her husbands body. After learning the many kama-kala aspects fromthe queen and about to come to his body with Parakaya Pravesa vidya, theopponents of the adi shankara tried to put fire to the shankara’s body. Meanwhile, The Padma Pada (Totakacharya) protects the physical body of the adishankara from fire by chanting Lakhsmi Karavalambana Narasimha stotra, a uniquestotra on its own to protect the cover.

This is all the stories which Iread in many books and from the movie on adi shankara by girish karnad inkannada and recent telugu movie in Andhra.

My question to all the  learned members is that “ Are there any official scripts of theconversation between the adishankara and ubhaya bharati devi?” regarding thekama sastra arguments, any post shankara advaitin has written anycommentaries of the actual work?, any link, pls provide me with the details!

Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mast 


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