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Sri Appyya Dikshitar, in his Chatur mata saara sangrahah, mentions:

आनन्दतीर्थमुनि-लक्ष्मणदेशिकेन्द्र-श्रीकण्ठयोगिपदवीरदवीयसीर्नः ।
आचार्यपादसरणिञ्च विविच्य बोद्धुं संगृह्यते मतचतुष्टयसारलेशम् ॥

He has shown in this work how all the other schools -
Dvaita, vishishtadvaita and the SrikanTha school are steps to attain

As elucidated by Polagam Rama Sastry, Dikshitar views the hierarchy thus:
While Dvaita is the most removed from Advaita and SrikanTha's
Shiva-vishistadvaita is the closest.


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> Namaste
> I heard Tamil Saiva Siddhanta philosophy teaches Dvaita and Veera Saiva
> philosophy teaches Visistadvaita. Then the  Kashmir Saiva philosophy
> teaches Advaita.
> A person with Saiva Bhakti has to gradually go from Saiva Siddanta to Veera
> Saiva to Kashmir Saiva Siddhanta and become fully absorbed in that Saiva
> Advaita.
> The world is a dream of Siva. He is the only Dreamer and after realizing
> this the Bhakta becomes One with Siva. Aikya Bhava is important. If a
> Bhakta goes on worshipping Siva like He is not himself he has not realized.
> If he thinks he is part of Siva also he has not realized. He has to become
> One with Siva.

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