[Advaita-l] Is the eternity and apaurusheyatva of Vedas a mere belief

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praNAms Sri Raghava prabhuji
Hare Krishna

1. Any pramANa is "self-proving", it does not need another pramANa to justify its functioning as a pramANa. That the eyes see is self-evident etc. This is svatah-pramANya-vAda.

>  But how can svataH pramANyata of veda can be an effective tool to prove it is anAdi and apaurusheya??  The self evident nature of any pramANa could help us to understand its (pramaNa's) independency (svAtantryata) but not its apaurusheyatva.  I believe someone argued this point at that time.  

2. shabda pramANa is a pramANa. It's validity is based on the nitya sambandha between shabda (word) and artha (meaning). There is a key mImAmsA word 'anapexitatvaM' i.e., Vedic sentences independent function as a pramANa.

>  again not enough to prove its anAditvaM and apaurusheyatvaM.  

4. That "Veda is a pramANa" is derived from 1. and 2. itself. However the prAmANyam or "validity" of what is being taught/revealed in the Veda pramANa needs apauruSheya-nityatvaM to free it from pauruSheya doShas. 

>  While making this statement don’t we have the prejudiced mind set that all paurusheya texts have the paurusheya dOsha and all texts believed as apaurusheya is free from dOsha !!??  How can a text considered as apaurusheya guarantee you as foolproof source ??  What is the logical link that you can establish between nirdOshatvaM and apaurusheyatvaM??  Sri Omkar Prabhuji has asked this question and AFAIK, nobody clarified this relationship between these two beyond any doubt.  

>  Sri Subbu prabhuji would you remember this discussion between Sri Omkar prabhuji and Sri Krishna Kadiri in vAdAvaLi??  If possible please provide link.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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