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The debate between shankara and maNdana is about karma and jnana

Bhaskar Ji,                    Will it be possible to get the official  script  for the actual conversation on Karma kanda/Jnana (not the post advaitin commentaries in books), any links, pls provide. I am keen to read those.
It seems Adi shankara was invited for Shraddha Bhiksha for a ceremony where as shankara insists for Vada Bhiksha (Knowledge battle with vada/prativada) with mandana misra.
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    On Friday, 7 June 2019 5:11:19 pm IST, Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:  
 My question to all the  learned members is that “ Are there any official scripts of theconversation between the adishankara and ubhaya bharati devi?” regarding thekama sastra arguments

Hare Krishna

Most authentic and acceptable  work with regard to shankara's biography in shringeri tradition is mAdhaveeya but written after centuries from shankara's time.  These episodes are to be always taken with bit pinch of salt.  In the zeal of eulogizing  the hero in that biography, the author inadvertently holds him bad light.  First of all it is not clear, how can an orthodox housewife like bhArati can pose the questions on kAma shAstra even after knowing that shankara is a sanyasi and bAlaka.  Moreover, the debate between shankara and maNdana is about karma and jnana and it is not that shankara claimed himself as sarvajna before the debate so that anyone can pose any question on any subject!!??  Hell a lot of questions like this arises if we see and analyze these episodes objectively.  

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