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The debate between shankara and maNdana is about karma and jnana

Bhaskar Ji,
                    Will it be possible to get the official  script  for the actual conversation on Karma kanda/Jnana (not the post advaitin commentaries in books), any links, pls provide. I am keen to read those.

It seems Adi shankara was invited for Shraddha Bhiksha for a ceremony where as shankara insists for Vada Bhiksha (Knowledge battle with vada/prativada) with mandana misra.

praNAms Sri Kameshwara Rao prabhuji
Hare Krishna

As I said earlier, to ascertain the credibility of all these episodes we have the source in biographies only written by various authors who are obviously not unanimous in narrating these episodes…there are vyAsAchaleeya, chidvilaaseeya, mAdhaveeya, kUshmAnda shankara Vijaya (or shankara kathAmruta sAra) etc. etc. So, accurate account of this debate with maNdana and queries by bhArati not available as it varies from one author to another.  But as per per mAdhaveeya there are some agenda for this debate (pratijnA vAkya-s) before debate and there are some questions and answers to this.  Please see mAdhaveeya for further details. And with regard to bhArati’s queries about kAma kalA shAstra you may find the ‘useful’ information in mAdhaveeya itself or  vAtsyAyana kAma sUtra 😊 And after parakAya pravesha we can see ratilOlatva in the king and his experience of brahmAnanda with the ‘saMparka’ of queens etc. and justification to all these questionable attitude of Acharya in the king’s body as narrated by authors nothing but mere poetic freedom and  imagination IMO.  Anyway, hope you have any one of the biographies with you to study shankara digvijaya in detail 😊

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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