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 Sri Bhaskar
These are arthavaadas and are meant to support a vidhivaakya of the sort 'do not deviate from the kalpa' and need not be taken at face-value. That said, it is important not to mock such sentences or show that they need not be taken as literally true. Why? यद्यदाचरति श्रेष्ठः तद्वदितरे जनाः। Just imagine the effect on someone rediscovering his roots, by following Sri Bhaskar, or is leading a traditional life without analysis such matters but respects Sri Bhaksar a lot, if someone like Sri Bhaskar who learnt Veda, studied Vedanta and shows a lot of nishTha in his svaadhyaaya etc. says that what is said in Satyanarayana Vrata is not true, So, in the case of Satyanarayana katha, one may explain the result of incompletion of Puja after samkalpa along the following lines:
1. Every person has both paapa and punYa accumulated. By Satya deva's grace, puNya will accrue if vrata is completed; in the absence of completion such puNya would not accrue and the accumulated paapa would start showing its results as it is now not obstructed by the newly acquired puNya.2. Also, one would get paapa for not fulfilling one's vow.
If we take the first step on the slippery slope (with an attitude of "I read a lot and understand the reason behind certain injunctions which are meant for people less learned than me"), we will end up with complete bhrashThatvam. Much better to respect aacaara - both for us and for the world around us. Rather than question the vratakalpa, we need to question ourselves: Why can't we complete what is started? Why can't we perform what we promised to do? 
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Hare Krishna

Today in whatsapp some one shared me this injunction while taking the Arati.  The varAhamUrthy saying this to his wife :

Artikya grahaNakAle ekahastena yOjayet, yadi hasta dvayenaiva mama drOhi na shaMshayaH.

Whenever I read these type of injunctions with regard to rituals and celestial beings (devaru in general ) rigidity  I wonder is this really the words of all compassionate god or some 'fault-finder'!!?? Take the above example, varAha murthy saying to his wife  ' if you take Arati with both hands,  then that's the end of it, immediately he becomes culprit to me (mama drOhi) and his further clarification/insistence  'there is no doubt' in it (na saMshayaH).  Is this really an unpardonable sin to take the Arati with both hands??  Is this so serious crime to face the wrath of the almighty??  Take another example of satyanArAyaNa vrata / pooja, the most dangerous god in that vrate katha,  if you don't do the pooja after doing the saMkalpa or even if you do the pooja but forgot to take teertha, prasAda,  he will make you suffer like anything...Do we have to understand these statements /anecdotes as it is at its face value ??  Please share your thoughts.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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