[Advaita-l] How is AkAsha Niravayava

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Valid question V Subramanian ji. I don't have knowledge regarding this
issue of division of nirvayava stuff being discussed anywhere.

If we restrict to BhAshya, then we don't see such description of

That aside, I think BhAshyakAra does not regard trigunAtmakatva as
sAvayavatva. That appears so in 2.1.29 BSB. There as Purvapaksha, He says
-- even though one thinks of PradhAna as sAvayava by taking it to be
trigunAtmaka, still the defect is not rectified etc. So it gives an insight
to His mind. He does not regard trigunAtmakatva as sAvayavatva. Question is


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>> Hari Om,
>> BhagvAn BhAshyakAra says AkAsha to be niravayava in Gita BhAshya 13.27.
>> When AkAsha is trigunAtmaka, then how can it be said to be niravayava?
> Another related topic for discussion is: Before PanchikaraNam the
> elements, including Akasha, were sukshma bhuta-s, which are not perceptible
> to the common sense organs. In Panchikarana, the element Akasha is
> 'divided' as it were into to halves first and one half is further divided
> into four......This makes Akasha endowed with parts even at the sukshma
> bhuta stage.
> Are there any texts in Advaita / nyaya / sankhya that consider the above?
> regards
> subbu
>> Regards.
>> Sudhanshu.
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