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> Another related topic for discussion is: Before PanchikaraNam the elements,
> including Akasha, were sukshma bhuta-s, which are not perceptible to the
> common sense organs. In Panchikarana, the element Akasha is 'divided' as it
> were into to halves first and one half is further divided into
> four......This makes Akasha endowed with parts even at the sukshma bhuta
> stage.

avayava doesn't mean a part in the sense of one half of AkAsha, else one
quarter of brahman would make even brahman an avayavi. It means a limb
which is separate than the whole, or upAdAnakAraNa part which has to be
necessarily different from the kArya whole. In this case, parts of
sUkShmAkAsha have not come together to make whole sUkShmAkAsha and nor are
they different from sUkShmAkAsha.

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