[Advaita-l] No Parinama in Brahman says Shankara Bhagavatpada

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> Namaste
> The dull minded cannot grasp Vivarta Vaada easily. For them the Sruti and
> Acharya will explain Parinaama Vaada first and say Brahman has created this
> world from itself and become many. When the disciples have understood and
> digested the Parinaama Vaada the Acharya will teach Vivarta Vaada. The
> Brahman and World are like Rope and Snake. The Snake has no Reality and it
> is imagined on the Rope.  Similarly the world has no Reality but imagined
> in Brahman.

विवर्तवादस्य पूर्वभूमिः वेदान्तवादे परिणामवादः ।
व्यवस्थितेऽस्मिन् परिणामवादे स्वयं समायाति विवर्तवादः ॥

I think it is from the SankshepashAreeraka.

[The doctrine of transformation (Sankhya) is the one that just precedes the
doctrine of transfiguration (vivarta) of the Vedanta.  Once the former is
well grasped, the latter falls in place by itself.]

The Ratnaprabha for BSN 2.1.14 at the end quotes a verse in this
connection: कृपणधीः परिणाममुदीक्षते क्षयितकल्मषधीस्तु विवर्तताम्  (source
not provided). [‘The unprepared aspirant understands only the ‘creation,
transformation’ scheme whereas the one who has purified his mind of all
dross is able to appreciate the ‘transfiguration’ vivarta of Atman/Brahman
as appearing as the world and jIva-s.’]



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