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Dear Sir,           Excellent views & discussion bySh.Jaladhar & BhaskarJi.
"PrArabdhakarma of the jnAni is the driving force”- for a Jivanmukta to act.
Thosewho know that what is to be experienced by them in this life is only what isalready destined in their prarabdha will never feel perturbed about what is tobe experienced. Know that all one's experiences will be thrust upon one whetherone wills them or not.The only freedom man has is tostrive for and acquire the jnana which will enable him not to identify himselfwith the body. The body will go through the actions rendered inevitable byprarabdha and a man is free either to identify himself with the body and beattached to the fruits of its actions, or to be detached from it and be a merewitness of its activities. (Ramana Maharshi)                 
Traditionaladvaita by Sankaracharya teaches that jnani by his realization, have transcended agami and sanchita karma,but continue to experience prarabdha karma until their body dies. Thatis to say, the karma that has accumulated in the past which produces rebirthand suffering has ended, meaning that there will be no more births, but thedestiny of the body in this life (the prarabdha karma) has to continueuntil the body dies. That means Jnani retains 'Prarabda'.

But Ramana Maharshi says that:ifone knows oneself to be the Self, then all three of the karmas might have ended. Prarabdha will never fail to take its course in the case of a body that has beenborn to exhaust it. But the jivanmukta who has severed the chit-jadaknot, and thereby become distinct from the body, can transcend prarabdha.
pls put your view's cordially

Sri Guru Padaravindarapana MastuKameswara

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Hare Krishna

I'm trying to understand an interesting scriptural point. The question  is what is the best interpretation of the rationale given for *why* the jivanmukta acts or should act in the world.

>  lOka saMgraha one of the clarifications given by Geeta bhAshyakAra by citing the example of the king janaka.  avidyAlesha / prArabdha karma of the jnAni is the driving force,  another explanation by sampradaya with regard to why jeevanmukta would act even after realization.  In yadrucchaa lAbha saMtushtO shloka bhAshya bhagavatpAda says even though he looks like he himself engaged in karma like bhikshAtana etc. he is akatru only.  How so??  For him each and every act encompassed in satyatvaM since there is nothing apart from HIM.  sadAtmanA satyatva abhyupagamAt sarva vyavahArANAM cha satyatvaM clarifies bhAshyakAra elsewhere.  Which has been explained in below statements by our Sri Jaldhar Vyas prabhuji :  

// quote //
Because the worlds themselves are also Brahman.  There is nothing that is not Brahman.  So the process of realizing the self is not a subtractive but an additive one. In other words the goal is not to destroy the world-appearance but to encompass and extend it.

>  "the process of realizing the self is not a subtractive but an additive one"  So beautifully explained prabhuji.  This is what is called sarvAtma bhAva or samyak darshana.  sarvaM  hi asmAkaM AtmabhUtameva sarvasya cha vayaM AtmabhUtAH.  My humble prostrations to you.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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