[Advaita-l] On the need for the jivanmukta to "act"

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But Ramana Maharshi says that:ifone knows oneself to be the Self, then all three of the karmas might have ended. Prarabdha will never fail to take its course in the case of a body that has beenborn to exhaust it. But the jivanmukta who has severed the chit-jadaknot, and thereby become distinct from the body, can transcend prarabdha.
pls put your view's cordially

>  excellent, when ramaNa was quoted with regard to jnAni's BMI and how it holds good only for onlookers, he has been straightaway rejected as 'asaMpradAyavAdin'.  As a matter of fact, a prakaraNa grantha 'aparOkshAnubhUti' also says jnAni is free from prArabdha.  Anyway, for us, who hold that ajAta vAda ( na nirOdhO, nachOtpattiH) is the ultimate reality of the world, how these views (like jnAni's sashareeratvam, his rAga-dvesha, his avidyA lesha, prArabdha karma etc.) can hold water even for the jnAni when these views have the foundation of srushti-drushti vAda !!??  

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