[Advaita-l] What If Time Is an Illusion?

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praNAms Sri Chandramouli prabhuji
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The experience of Sushupti recollected by the waker (Vishwa as you term it) on waking is NOT the experience DURING Sushupti . It is the recollection of the impressions (vAsanAs) of his experience DURING Sushupti  which persist for a short duration immediately following Sushupti. The process  is elaborated as follows.  For convenience, copying from a book by Sri TMP Mahadevan  on Panchadashi , relevant portion
<< An examination of the moment immediately succeeding the termination of sleep gives us intimation of the Brahman-bliss experienced during sleep ; or there is then the persistence of residual impression of Brahman-bliss  which is borne out by the fact that a person who has just got up from sleep remains calm and happy without any thought of external objects >>.
In brief this is how the experience of happiness and nescience in sleep  by the Anandamaya self is transferred to the VignAnamaya self  and recollected later by Vishwa on waking.  Reference to Panchadashi  directly would be very useful.

  *   Very interesting observation in panchadashi.  Recollection of sushupti experience  is NOT the experience experienced in sushupti  per se but vAsana-s of that experience by vaishvAnara ( Vishwa).  So, Vishwa, the waker, after termination of sleep, just for few seconds  here recalling the vAsana-s (impressions) arising out of brahmAnanda  in sushupti.  Now the question that needs to be looked into is, how vAsana-s created in sushupti when there is no primary vrutti since karaNa-s (upAdhi-s) and vishaya-s both are in upashAnta sthiti.  When there is no vishesha darshana how can a resultant vAsana be created to recall in waking??  There is a valid reason for doubting this position, bhAshyakAra says : tEna na pruthktvena vyavasthitAni karaNAni vishyAscha, tat abhAvAt vishesha darshanaM nAsti.  Sri SSS says sushupti is the state where  there is not even an iota of vishaya vAsane.  ( gaadha nidre yembudu vishaya vAsane ellada pUrNAnandada sthiti adakke A avastheyalli Atmanu Anandamayanu, prajnAnaghananu vishesha rahitanu Agiruttaane).
  Swami Vidyaranya also thereby brings out the difference between VishayAnanda ( happiness brought about by objects)  which is only a semblance of bliss, and vAsanAnanda  which is an impression of bliss which is not the product of anything else.

  *    Here I think I need the elaboration, vAsanAnada which is an impression of bliss but not the product of anything else.  vAsana created by Ananda in the state of ekatvaM where vishaya & upAdhi both are  totally subdued but still there is a recollection of vAsana by the Vishwa (vaishwAnara / waker’s mind).
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