[Advaita-l] What If Time Is an Illusion?

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A humble submission in the context of explaining how the "Happiness" of
Deep sleep is known to the Awake mind:


The ‘happy-feel’ factor felt in the awake state is neither an experience
nor a memory of what was actually there in that timeless and spaceless Deep
sleep. What is experienced by the awake mind is the after-glow of the Deep
sleep. The Happiness that was the Deep sleep leaves  Its footprint in the
form of a totally  relaxed body-organism and this relaxation is stored in
the form of tension-free muscles etc. On awaking from sleep, the mind
senses this relaxed state and expresses it as “I had a sound sleep; I feel
relaxed.”  The  after-glow  gets stored in the brain cells too. That is
expressed by the awake mind as “I am refreshed.” As the day progresses, the
body muscles accumulate tension and the brain cells accumulate toxins. Thus
the awake mind does not any more sense that relaxed and refreshed feeling
as the day goes on."

---- From:    https://www.advaita-vision.org/deep-sleep-in-direct-path/

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> In brief this is how the experience of happiness and nescience in sleep
> by the Anandamaya self is transferred to the VignAnamaya self  and
> recollected later by Vishwa on waking.

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