[Advaita-l] On the need for the jivanmukta to "act"

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Reg  <<Anyway, coming back to issue above, there is a reference in sUtra bhAshya with reference to gradations in mukta jeeva-s, those jeeva-s in the elite  club have the special privilege to incarnate again to uplift the jeeva-s still in ajnAna, the instruction they would get with regard to this is from svayaM 'paramAtma'.  Other ordinary mukta jeeva-s after realization will not get rebirth.  This apAntaratama-s like jeeva-s would drag their remaining prArabdha to incarnate as per the instructions from paramAtma.  So, ultimate decision taking authority with regard to subsequent janma-s of certain jeeva-s pertains to 'paramAtma'.  Here in the above case, it is paramAtma's (narasiMha)  instruction to prahlAda (the mukta jeeva) to continue to rule the world.  And in next janma hanumanta, then as Bheema sena ( one among pAndava-s) and then madhvA if I am right according to madhva sampradaya    In short what does it tell us in upa siddhAnta ??  Even after paripUrNa jnana jeeva-s would continue to maintain different gradations, some are elevated ones and some others are normal ones.  The elevated ones still have to obey the instructions of paramAtma the supreme commander of all types of jeeva who is karmAdhyaksha and karma phala dAta.  Whether this is dvaita or Advaita !!??  I leave it to your discretion >>,

What a conclusion !!!  Equating specifically mentioned exceptions in advaita  sidhanta with  the  universally applicable conclusion of Dvaita sidhantas.  Unfortunate to say the least, coming as it does from one who has studied advaita sidhanta for decades.
 praNAms Sri Chandramouli prabhuji
Hare Krishna
Kindly pardon me prabhuji, I was not concluding anything, I just presented the views and left the final decision to the readers.  I never ever think, considering my conditioned mind,  that I have understood Advaita siddhAnta thoroughly despite my decades of learning.  Even today I consider myself as ‘saMshayAtma’ though lord gives the warning that saMshayAtma vinashyati.  Coming back to your observation : (a) specifically mentioned exceptions in advaita (b) universally applicable conclusion of dvaita.  I reckon, when there is an acceptance that there is ‘exceptions’ in Advaita or exceptional cases of muktAtma-s like apAntaratama-s in paramArtha, then whatever I said above holds good especially when there is categorical statements with regard to jnAni’s BMI, jnAni’s prArabdha, jnAni’s avidyAlesha in the form of rAga-dvesha, jnAni’s dream, distribution of  jnAni’s accumulated pApa-puNya among his friends and foes, jnAni’s views about ‘srushti’ etc.  If na nirOdhO nachOtpattiH is the paramArtha, if we still arguing that that avidyAlesha, dehadhAraNa etc. are not merely in the sight of avivekinA but the real status of jnAni as an individual then both these statements are quite contradictory. If the apAntaratama in Advaita is an exceptional special soul unlike other normal / ordinary souls  in Advaita paramArtha jnana then why we are crossing swords with dvaitins with regard to jeeva-jeeva bheda ??  If some special jnAni-s obey the orders of paramAtma / parameshwara even after attaining highest jnana, why we are still holding the view that Ishwara’s reality holds water only in vyavahAra but in reality he is avidyA kalpita??  I donot know whether these doubts coming to me only or to some others as well but my guruji always used to say : bhAskara, try to settle on a firm ground  with respect to siddhAnta otherwise you will waste rest of your life by asking / doubting the siddhAnta 😊  Perhaps this is the reason why Advaita vedAnta is not recommended  for loukika gruhastha-s like me.
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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