[Advaita-l] Question about Sri Vidyaranya's JMV & jnani matra

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Fri Mar 22 00:23:02 EDT 2019

Hare Krishna

Is someone like Yajnavalkya a jnani matra per JMV, or a jnani, full stop -- though of course not a jivanmukta? Thank you.

>  To answer this question, nowadays traditionalists say that only jnAni would know who is another jnAni.  One should not doubt the jnAni whether he is paramArtha jnAni or otherwise since his jnana is 'sva-hrudaya' pratyaya, nobody should doubt it.  And now the question is if the author of JMV ( with all due respects to that muni paraMpara)  is adjudging  that the bru. Up. Sage yAjnAvalkya is mere theoretical jnAni (like most of us who knows and answers somany questions on Advaita with the help of Advaita theory stored in our mind) since he was greedy of cows and did some materialistic activities and later on went out of gruhasthAshrama to pursue jnana further, where the jnAni's prArabdha karma / avidyAlesha fits in this scenario??  Don’t we agree that even after samyak jnana there will be normal activities through his indriya-s and sometimes he may act like digbhrAnta etc.  Under these circumstances how can the author of JMV could categorically conclude upanishad Rishi like yAjnAvalkya is mere jnAni or unfulfilled jnAni ??  What is the problem in accepting yAjnAvalkya was indeed a paripUrNa jnAni but due to avidyA lesha or because of his prArabdha he had to indulge in further activities??  I don’t see any legible reasoning in deciding one person jnAni or otherwise when there is an influence of avidyA lesha and prArabdha karma as long as he (the jnAni) entangled in his current BMI.  

And now jnAni and mukta two separate status of the same person ??  I don’t think so, the main hindrance for the mukti is ajnAna when it is completely effaced through jnAni what else could be there to realize his svarUpa / muktAvasthA??  he is the jnAni, he is the mukta, he is the brahman.  No need to differentiate between paramArtha jnAni and Jeevan mukta.  And there is no scope in shankara bhAshya to conclude like this.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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