[Advaita-l] Question about Sri Vidyaranya's JMV & jnani matra

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Hare Krishna

Well, to be fair, I don't think SV was concluding that Yajnavalkya was a "mere theoretical" jnani.

>  I will agree with you that yAjnAvalkya is paripUrNa jnAni.  If that is not the case his teaching and clarifications in br. Up. Would be considered as 'data' supplied from the desk of mere theoretical jnAni 😊 

he regards him as a full jnani and (videha)mukta

>  is there any difference in jnAni's status of jnana (paripUrNa jnana) when he is considered as sashareeri (Jeevan mukta) and when he left his socalled bhautika shareera (Videha mukta)??  

-- but simply one where the quality of the prArabdha remaining is less sattvic than what SV calls a jivanmukta. It is only a difference in the quality of prArabdha. 

>  again the question that begging the answer is : can the quality of prArabdha (less sAtvic or more sAtvic) influence the paripUrNa jnAni??  Karma and karma phala saMghAta can influence shareerendriyAdi upAdhi-s and they hold sway only in those who identify with them.  Is the Atmaikatva jnAni identify himself with his own set of BMI and getting influenced by 'his' prArabdha even after realizing his own svarUpa which is 'ashareeratvaM' in its very nature??  No, says another prakaraNa like aprarOkshAnubhUti.  And as you mentioned below, some of the exalted souls like ramaNa too denies it and said it is only in the view point of bystanders. 

As Bhagavan Ramana has said regarding these kinds of classifications, the experience of the jnani is the same regardless: "There is no difference in the samadhi state or the jnana of the jnanis. The classification is only from the standpoint of the observer."

>  But when it comes to jnAni's own prArabdha, avidyA lesha, his own rAga-dvesha, ramaNa's views such as above would not be considered as traditional one 😊

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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