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Tue Mar 26 16:39:54 EDT 2019

नमस्ते Dear group
I have not had the time to post for a while and have missed your wonderful
I have followed some threads when time permitted.

I am posting now requesting help to identify the source of two quotes
I was given an audio recording, so the spelling is mine:
1. तत्सत्त्वे तत्सत्त्वम् इत्यन्वयः ।
तदभावे तदभावः इति व्यतिरेकः॥
I have googled and found a few documents referencing this in ayurveda and
in nyaya philosophy but what I found seemed to be quoting and not a source.
Can someone say where the original is found?

2. This one is at a part of the recording where the quality is not too
good. A passing vehicle. I was told it was from the विष्णुधर्मोत्तर पुराण
and found and online version here:

But as much as I searched the text for the different words and
combinations, I could not find anything similar.
Here is what I heard:
रमते सर्भूते सुस्तौरेश्चरिश्च ...अन्तरात्मस्वरुपेण...रमुच्यते गच्छति
It is used to describe The Holy Name of Rama and is quoted in conjunction
with a verse from the Rama Tapini Upanishad (1.6)

Any assistance would be very much appreciated.


Ryan Armstrong
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ryanarm at gmail.com

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