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> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> I think by mistake you might have written to my mail ID directly.   Hence
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Ah, yes, thank you for this.

> I suppose we are not really talking about the jnani but about an arbitrary
> set of BMI which the onlookers have called "the jnani's BMI" -- it is that
> which alone (and which does not really exist) that can have different
> qualities of prarabhda.
> Ø     By this time you might have read how jnAni indeed have his own set
> of indriya-s and identifying it as his due to his prArabdha and as a result
> having the avidyAlesha in the form of rAga-dvesha.  But note, this is not
> mere onlookers observation, it is indeed the sorry state of jnAni even
> after realization.
Well, if we are going by Ramana's ideas, a jnani is not a person at all.

So since this is the case, then there cannot really be for a jnani any
avidyAlesha, any rAga-dvesha -- because the jnani is not a person. All
these again *are* posited only for onlookers.

He says: "In sahaja samadhi the activities, vital and mental, and the three
states are destroyed, never to reappear. However, others notice the Jnani
active e.g., eating, talking, moving etc. He is not himself aware of these
activities, whereas others are aware of his activities. They pertain to his
body and not to his Real Self, swarupa. For himself, he is like the
sleeping passenger - or like a child interrupted from sound sleep and fed,
being unaware of it."

Indeed, in the end even the very concept of a jnani is from the standpoint
of onlookers, because the concept of liberation is itself in the end wrong.

See Maharshi's last verse in his 40 verses: "If it is said that Liberation
is of three kinds, with form or with and without form, then let me tell you
that the extinction of the three forms of Liberation is the only true

> In Guru Vachaka Kovai, Ramana says: "To the eyes of those [ignorant
> people] who are deluded by the sense of doership [kartritva], the Sahaja
> Jnani, who lives transcending even the sattva-guna, may sometimes appear
> like one who has much deceptive rajo-guna. On account of that, do not doubt
> [their Jnana, because the rajo-guna is merely a reflection of the rajasic
> thoughts of the onlooker]."
> Ø     Thanks for quoting this.  But we have seen here from the socalled
> traditional camp??  The jnAni has tamO guNa pradhAna rAga-dvesha,
> completely ignoring his svarUpa is triguNAteeta, infact, krishna asks
> arjuna nishtraiguNyO bhavArjuna but what we are seeing here is jnAni with
> rAga-dvesha, To say the least,  the tumor like avidyA lesha  is really a
> poor joke on paramArtha jnAni who transcended the triguNa.  People often
> forget the bhAshyakAra vachana that even if a person has an iota of avidyA
>  in the form of asarvAtma bhAva then that avasthA called as avidyAvasthA.
> But nowadays, we are comfortably attributing avidyA to even samyak jnAni.
Yes, if that is what the so-called traditional camp believes, then that is
a pity :-)

> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar

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