[Advaita-l] Veda Vyasa's consistency across Bhagavata, Vishnu and Shiva Puranas

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>  Dear Sri Subramanian,
>       An excellent compilation from Puranas indded are these posting of
> yours.I thank you for this.
> I have a question here.
> For a mumukshu who confine himself to Upanishads and Sri Shankara's
> commentaries , will these compilations of quotations from puranas  are of
> any help or of any use in his quest for the paramarthatattva?I request you
> kindly to educate me on this point.

Those compilations are never devoid of the Upanishadic Truth.  That aspect
is also highlighted by me wherever possible.  The Brahmasutras and the
Upanishads teach that the JagatkaaraNam is One entity only and not many.
When properly known, that message helps Brahma jijnaasaa.  Don't we have
the core Vedantic truth here:

  त्वमेव निर्गुणस्सत्योऽनंतोऽनंतपराक्रमः ।।
सगुणश्च सन्निवेशः प्रकृतेः पुरुषात्परः ।। ३३ ।।

You alone are NirguNa, Satya, Eternal, Infinite and of measureless power.
You are Saguna too, transcending the Prakriti and Purusha (jiva).

These words can be imagined to be addressed to us.



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