[Advaita-l] Veda Vyasa's consistency across Bhagavata, Vishnu and Shiva Puranas

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 Dear Sri Subramanian,
I thank you for your knid reply.
Since the epics and puranas state the same tattva 
as taught by the upanishads,a mumukshu who has confined himself to Upanishads 
and Sri Shankara's commentaries may not  need  any help 
from other sources like puranas and other texts. 
To read / study other texts will be simply a waste 
of time and energy. 
He can as well use that time and energy for adyatmayoga 
which sri Shankara defines in these words;viShayEByaH pratisaMhRutya  cEtasa Atmani 
samAdhAnam adhyAtmayogaH || commentary 
to mantra 1-2-12 of Kathopanishad. 
I request you to share your learned and scholarly opinion on this.
With respectful namaskars,Sreenivasa Murthy


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 Dear Sri Subramanian,
      An excellent compilation from Puranas indded are these posting of yours.I thank you for this.
I have a question here. 
For a mumukshu who confine himself to Upanishads and Sri Shankara's commentaries , will these compilations of quotations from puranas  are of any help or of any use in his quest for the paramarthatattva?I request you kindly to educate me on this point.

Those compilations are never devoid of the Upanishadic Truth.  That aspect is also highlighted by me wherever possible.  The Brahmasutras and the Upanishads teach that the JagatkaaraNam is One entity only and not many.  When properly known, that message helps Brahma jijnaasaa.  Don't we have the core Vedantic truth here:
  त्वमेव निर्गुणस्सत्योऽनंतोऽनंतपराक्रमः ।।
सगुणश्च सन्निवेशः प्रकृतेः पुरुषात्परः ।। ३३ ।।

You alone are NirguNa, Satya, Eternal, Infinite and of measureless power.
You are Saguna too, transcending the Prakriti and Purusha (jiva).

These words can be imagined to be addressed to us.  


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