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 Dear Sri Subramanian,
You have written : "In the Bh.Gita Krishna says: Seek to
know That thru humility, service, etc. and the Jnani-s will teach you."
In this quotation a very important and crucial word has been left out.
The word is "tattvadarSinaH". If the Guru is only a jnani , one who
knows only the text / scripture and not the tattva, such gurus are 
mantravits only. This is clearly evident from the Narada-Sanatkumara
dialogue which appears in 7th chapter of Chandogya Upanishad. 
Here Narada says 'I am only mantravit, not Atmavit'.

For a sincere mumukshu , he needs a Guru who is not only a 
mantravit but also is an Atmavit.
This is absolutely essential.

With respectful namaskars,
Sreenivasa Murthy

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> Namaste Bhaskarji,

> When I was referring to Vedanta literature reference, I meant, if for
> example -
> The student who is learning about the Self under the Guru in the Upanishad
> literature, asks the Guru directly, if he has realised himself.
> I'm just curious to know if such a direct question to the Guru from the
> student existed and what the answer given by the Guru was.

In the Upanishads, it is always the case of the aspirant approaching a
self-realized Guru.  Even though this adjective is not explicitly given,
the default understanding is: When a Guru in the Upanishad teaches
Atma/Brahma Vidya, and the disciple is most of the times explicitly stated
to have secured the liberating knowledge as a result of the teaching, the
Guru is a Self-realized one. Sri Vidyaranya argues and establishes so in
the Jivanmukti Viveka.

In the Bhuma Vidya of Chandogya, Narada approaches Sanatkumara and says: I
have heard from exalted ones like you that 'the knower of the Self crosses
over misery.'

So, in the Upanishads, there is no need for the aspirant asking that
question to the Acharya he approaches. In the Bh.Gita Krishna says: Seek to
know That thru humility, service, etc. and the Jnani-s will teach you.

In Brihadaranyaka it is said:  People throng to Janaka to get this Vidya.
So, Janaka is already so famous as a Knower that people go to him. Vyasa
sends Shuka his son to Janaka for a final-stage upadesha.  So, generally
the Teachers are well known as Realized persons.


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