[Advaita-l] Dvaitins refutation of Advaita Principle

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Mahadevan Iyer, PraNAms
As per Vishishtadvaita, the Lord is antaryaamin and pervades both the jeevas and jagat -which are part of his cosmic body. In the laya and pralaya, the jeevas and jagat go into subtler state and creation then involves the grossification of the subtler state. jeevas are provided appropriate the gross bodies and lokas to suite their karmas.Hence Lord is both nimitta kaaranam and upaadana kaaranam. creation cycle is also beginning less. avidya of jeevas correspond to not recognizing the jeevas dependence on the Lord and that He is the controller of everything. 
Solvation is shranaagati complete surrender to the Lord. Out of compassion, He releases the Jeevas from their birth-death cycle. Moksha is jeevas serving the Lord and also the Lord's bhaktas in Vaikunta appropriately. 
Dvaita-theory is different. 

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 Dvaitams refutation of Advaita Principle in the video below ?
Also please explain regarding the "Upadanakaranam Argument" of


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