[Advaita-l] My notes on the vicAra sAgara IV

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By mistake part III got posted twice - may be more important!!
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Part IV

Coming back to the Shiyaa’s question, the Teacheressentially says that once one has understood that he is the adhiShTaanam orsubstratum of everything, including the problems and the solutions in thetransactional plane, He has recognized that he is free from all problems. Theproblems belong to the prakRiti, and solutions also belong to the prakRiti. Realization,therefore, involves the recognition that I never have any problem, and I ameternally liberated, even though identifying with BMI falsely I consideredmyself to be a limited individual who has problems and have samsaara and needto realize to realize that I am Brahman. Now I know that I need not have torealize since I am eternally liberated even when I thought I was bound. Now Ican play the role of individual using the limited BMI like an actor playing theassigned role in a play. I can play the role of jiiva without getting affectedby the problems at the local BMI level. Hence while the BMI of the realizedsoul is seen trying to solve the local problems that arise in the transactionalplane from his reference, he considers himself to be akartaa and abhokta –neither doer not an enjoyer of fruits of actions, good or bad. He sees himselfto be non-doer while all the required doing is going on at the BMI level.Krishna says one who sees himself to be non-doer in all the activities of BMIis a realized soul - akarNiyaH karmayaH pasyate saH buddhimaan. PrakRiti, inhis presence, is responsible for actions and bearing the results of actions.prakRityaivaca kaarmaaNi kriyamaanaani sarvashaH. Hence realized personrecognizes that he has no problem to solve – he only witnesses the problems andthe solutions to the problems at the transactional level. 


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