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Namaskaram sir

Thank you very much for posting this enlightening series.


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> By mistake part III got posted twice - may be more important!!
> Last part.-----------------
> Part IV
> Coming back to the Shiyaa’s question, the Teacheressentially says that
> once one has understood that he is the adhiShTaanam orsubstratum of
> everything, including the problems and the solutions in thetransactional
> plane, He has recognized that he is free from all problems. Theproblems
> belong to the prakRiti, and solutions also belong to the prakRiti.
> Realization,therefore, involves the recognition that I never have any
> problem, and I ameternally liberated, even though identifying with BMI
> falsely I consideredmyself to be a limited individual who has problems and
> have samsaara and needto realize to realize that I am Brahman. Now I know
> that I need not have torealize since I am eternally liberated even when I
> thought I was bound. Now Ican play the role of individual using the limited
> BMI like an actor playing theassigned role in a play. I can play the role
> of jiiva without getting affectedby the problems at the local BMI level.
> Hence while the BMI of the realizedsoul is seen trying to solve the local
> problems that arise in the transactionalplane from his reference, he
> considers himself to be akartaa and abhokta –neither doer not an enjoyer of
> fruits of actions, good or bad. He sees himselfto be non-doer while all the
> required doing is going on at the BMI level.Krishna says one who sees
> himself to be non-doer in all the activities of BMIis a realized soul -
> akarNiyaH karmayaH pasyate saH buddhimaan. PrakRiti, inhis presence, is
> responsible for actions and bearing the results of actions.prakRityaivaca
> kaarmaaNi kriyamaanaani sarvashaH. Hence realized personrecognizes that he
> has no problem to solve – he only witnesses the problems andthe solutions
> to the problems at the transactional level.
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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