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For an object - a vRitti forms in the mind via the perceptual process. For example, when I see a chair out there, there is chair thought or chair vRitti in the mind. When the light of consciousness illumines that vRitti ( a modification of the mind) then the knowledge of the vRtti or indirectly the knowledge of the object 'chair' takes place in the mind only. The fruit or phala of this process of illumination of the object thought is the immediate knowledge of the object.
Hence it is called Vritti vyaapti is vritti covering the object and phala vyaapti is the result that of the knowledge of the chair out there takes place - Thus for all objective knowledge, there is vRitti vyaapti and phala vyaapti. 
In the case of self-knowledge - it is not an objective knowledge and subject 'I' cannot be objectified. What Vedanta study and associated vichaara or meditation using Viveka does is to remove only the misconceptions about myself. There is no separate fruit of this since I am there all the time. Everybody says they know who they are, even though as per Vedanta they really do not know who they are. 
Hence the problem is only I was mistaking myself as I am this, this and this. These misconceptions are removed provided the mind can easily drop those deep-rooted misconceptions.  It can drop only if the mind is purified from all the preconceived wrong notions about oneself. There is no new discovery about myself. It is only re-analyzation or realization of who I am all the time, REALLY. 
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Can you please explain for my benefit the terms Vritti Vyapti and Phala Vyapti? 

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> Chandramouliji - PraNAms
> I do not think what you wrote is different from what I had mentioned.
> I did mention that there is vRitti vyaapti but no phalavyaapti as it is aparoxam.
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