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Hello sir
Narayana Pandithacharya tells in Madhva vijaya that his father that is
Trivikrama Pandithacharya was instructed by madhvacharya to write a
commentary to his brahma sutra bhashya .
Hence Narayana pandithacharya is of the same time as Madhvacharya .
Coming to raghavendra vijaya ,it was written by narayanacharya , who was
the nephew of raghavendra swamiji and studied shastras under him
One more way in which we can deduce that narayana pandithacharya was of the
same time of madhvacharya is by looking at his works
Narayana pandithacharya and trivikrama pandithacharya have written works
Tatva Pradeepa - commentory on brahmasutra bhashya of madhva
Sangraha Ramayana  - Story of ramayana
Anuvyakhyana Nyayavivarana Sambanda deepika   A bridge between anuvyakhyana
and nyaya vivarana
naya chandrika  A commentory on Anuvyakhyana of madhvacharya
upanishat bhasya teeka
Anandamala - A commentory on Sangraha Bhashya/ Anu Bhashya of madhvacharya

All the granthas of madhvacharya were commented by Sri Jayatirtha and
everyone after Jayatirtha have commented on jayatirthas teeka and not on
moola bhashya directly
Only in the case of trivikrama and narayana pandithacharya , they have
commented directly on madhva's works prior to jayatirtha
Jayatirtha was born 80 years after Madhva's departure
Hence ,we can deduce that narayana and trivikrama pandithacharya were of
the same time as madhvacharya and that narayanacharya of raghavendra vijaya
is different.
 In raghavendra vijaya also,narayanacharya has mentioned  narayana
pandithacharya  in the invocatory verses

Hence Narayana pandithacharya was of the same time as madhvacharya and that
narayanacharya was of the same time as raghavendra swamiji and his nephew
in poorvashrama too!!

I hope this has answered your questions

Dr Pradyumna R

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