[Advaita-l] Fwd: The historicity of the Madhaviya Shankara Vijaya

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> Namaste.
> I don't remember the name of the scholar, but a Senior scholar has proved
> the Madhaviya shankara was not authored by Madhava Vidyaranya

This view is held by many scholars. They say it is Madhavacharya, a nephew
of Vidyaranya, who wrote the MS Vijaya and the Sarva darshana Sangraha.
Both these works are believed by many to be of Vidyaranya.


> and it was authored by some pandit under Sringeri Pitha. How can NP know
> exactly these verses?
> One possibility remains that these two verses could be from Pracheena
> shankara vijayam of which NP knew about, but there is a mention in MM that
> is a multiplicity of shankara vijayam texts. This is a point to ponder
> about.
> Regards,
> Ko

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