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Namaste Subbu ji
In the excerpt shared by you, it says that the the family in which
Madhvacharya was born were bhagavathas was looked upon Shiva and Vishnu as
equal. They were not sectarian vaishnavas.

Similarly I understand Trivikrama Pandita, another well-known Madhva too
was born in a family which looked upon Shiva and Vishnu as equal.

That says a lot about the late emergence of vaishnava sects which exalt one
particular form over another for unknown reasons.

Even though, the bhagavathas were not exactly advaitins, they evidently
were much closer to Advaita given their reasonable liberal outlook.

And all of the analysis above is derived from the works of respected Madhva
scholar BNK Sarma. That's significant.


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>   Dr. B N K Sharma on Trivikramapanditacharya
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hiSHjuyU0U9g94Q2WheXPBHVwX3wSwm8hwPhjviUVfc/edit?usp=sharing&invite=CJDSgokD&ts=5eea53a6
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> Here is an excerpt from Dr.B.N.K.Sharma's 1933 paper on Trivikrama
> Panditacharya - His life and works.  The excerpt is about TP's family
> background and the 'current' status of his descendants.
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