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> Namaste Subbu ji
> In the excerpt shared by you, it says that the the family in which
> Madhvacharya was born were bhagavathas was looked upon Shiva and Vishnu as
> equal. They were not sectarian vaishnavas.
> Similarly I understand Trivikrama Pandita, another well-known Madhva too
> was born in a family which looked upon Shiva and Vishnu as equal.
> That says a lot about the late emergence of vaishnava sects which exalt
> one particular form over another for unknown reasons.
> Even though, the bhagavathas were not exactly advaitins, they evidently
> were much closer to Advaita given their reasonable liberal outlook.
> And all of the analysis above is derived from the works of respected
> Madhva scholar BNK Sarma. That's significant.

That's true. In fact Trivikrama Pandita was said to have been born as a
prasada of the worship his mother performed for Hari and Hara.  This is
recorded in the Madhva Vijaya.  A contemporary Madhva scholar in a public
talk added to that information: the worship was done based on 'taaratamya'
: - )

 अभजद् भुवनप्रभू  हरीशौ सुतकाम वसुदेवसूनु  भक्ता॥13 44||  She was a devotee
of Krishna, that is, that was her ishta devataa. But She worshiped Hari and
Hara for progeny.


> Om
> Raghav

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