[Advaita-l] Necessity of Creation

Mahadevan Iyer mahadevan.n.iyer at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 13:58:55 EDT 2020

Pranams Atman,

What is the necessity for creation ? Why not everything just be
in its primordial state ?

In Advaitam, there is no creator, the process of creation, and that which
is created.

Brahman appears as Jagat through Jeeva.

In my view, our perception of MANY, does not eliminate the existence of the
ONE. Just as the perception of two eyes, four limbs, ten fingers etc...
does not eliminate the existence of the ONE body.

Human brain ( Anthakaranam ) creates pairs of duality, like dark & light,
small & big, short & tall etc. One of which is defined in terms of the
other. Hence, perception is NECESSARILY of dual nature.  This applied
recursively leads to apparent multiplicity.

The trick is that we think in terms of cause and effect by creating a
timeline of events.

How Brahman appears as Jagat, cannot be cognized by this logic as Brahman
is not time bound.

Kindly convey if there is a better explanation for this. Thank you.

*Hari Om,*
Mahadevan Iyer

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