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> Could someone conversant in Tamil look at this:
> https://archive.org/details/advaitabodhadipikatamilkarapatraswami1887_202004_887_B/
> and tell me if it includes Sanskrit text?

I scanned through all the pages and found there is no original Sanskrit
text in this book; it is completely a translation to Tamil.  At the end of
the book a list of texts cited therein is given:

This includes the Veda, 'asango hyayam purushah', Vyasa Sutra, VasiShTha
(Yoga Vasishtha), Vivekachudamani, Smriti, Maitrayani shakha, Gita,
Pandhadashi, Purana, Ramayana and Sutasamhita.


> Supposedly this work was
> originally in Tamil and one Karapatra Swami from the 19th century
> translated it into Sanskrit.  This Sanskrit version was then used for the
> widely available English version.  However despite much searching I've yet
> to find any direct quote of the Sanskrit version of the ABD which is
> rather odd.
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