[Advaita-l] Sri Nochur Swami - Be - A profound message in Tamil, just 3 minutes

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Fri Apr 16 08:08:23 EDT 2021

Dear Venkat,

Since you have cited Sri Swami Suresvaracharya, I presume you are
comfortable with his views. In his vArtika verse BUBV 2-4-22, he describes
Sage Yajnavalkya as one possessed of unsurpassable jnAna (
nirastAtishayajnAnah). The sanyAsa he undertakes is vidvat sanyAsa which is
sanyAsa taken post jnAna. Sri SSS refers to this type of sanyAsa at
footnote 2 on page 127 covering BU 3-5-1. It is here the term Brahmana you
have referred to also figures. Reference is to vidvat sanyAsa.

If you are comfortable with the views of Jagadguru Sri HH Chandrashekhara
Bharati Mahaswaminah of Sringeri Peetha, you can refer to his vyAkhyAna on
Vivekachudamani, verse 454 wherein he terms Yajnavalkya as a jnAni,

The above is just for information and not for discussion. Such issues I
believe are a matter of personal preferences in understanding  and  nothing
useful may be gained through debates. My understanding follows the above


On Fri, Apr 16, 2021 at 12:52 AM Ven Balakrishnan <ventzu at yahoo.co.uk>

> He is recounting an episode where presumably an advanced person approached
> Ramanamaharishi for advice.  I guess it needs to be considered in the
> context of his full lecture.
> As an aside . . . Since self-knowledge / liberation is the highest goal of
> existence, and Brhad Up says that a Brahmana in the primary sense is one
> who has this self-knowledge and has inevitably renounced (because
> self-knowledge destroys all desires and factors of action) . . . the
> implication of the Yajnavalkya - Maitreyi dialogue is that Y. Is not a
> jnani, and hence his intention to renounce, having fully understood the
> import of sruti.  Sankara, Gaudapada and Suresvara do not make a
> distinction between a jnani and a jivanmukta.  That seems to have arisen
> with Vidyaranya’s Jivanmukta-viveka.
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