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Dear members,
                    Today is Chitra Pournami, is a important festival of Tamil Nadu. People worship Lord Chitragupta and ask Chitragupta to forgive their sins. Chitragupta manages all records of actions (good/bad) of people (Karmic Transactions) and convays to lord yama after the account balance become zero and reminds Yama to his duty virtuously.

Hanuman Jayanti, the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman falls on Chitra Pournami.

Poeple worship Lord Hanuman by applying Sindoor which makes Lord Rama happy. Once Lord Rama saw Hanuman covered with sindoor and asked the reason. Hanuman replied "Sita mata told me that by applying just a small pinch of sindoor on her head every day it will make you have a long and happy life. Since he loved Shri Raam also, he decided to cover his whole body with sindoor for Shri Raam’s Long Life. Seeing this act of Devotion, Lord Ram gave Hanumanji a boon that any body who offered Hanumanji Sindoor/Vermilion, would have a happy and long Life. 

Sindhoor is the colour of energy and vitality. Lord Hanuman is considered the saviour of people in Kaliyug. It is said that the Hanumanji can protect people from all kinds of troubles by infusing a person with self-confidence and power so he is generally depicted in saffron.

By seeing the current situation in our mother country, tears are comming for the hopeless situation  while having so much vedic power, we are not able to handle the mahammari properly with so many sufferings from all sides.  This is the time We need to strengthen ourselves by praying to lord hanuman who bestows courage to face the events and handle the situations properly. Chant Hanuman chalisa/ listens to his kadha/ sundarakaanda parayana are the best approaches to deal the worst situations. Current situations may still worsen in the month of may with so many positive cases at all places.

Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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