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Tue Apr 27 20:51:50 EDT 2021

Dear members,                            By seeing my emotional out break yesterday, one of the local pandit suggested me to chant this astakam/do parayana of this stotra  during the present situations in our country.
According to Urdhvamnaya,  Dhumavait is the windowed form of sati  and she is the fist wife of lord siva, after being denied food from the lord she has swallowed her husband during their stay at himalayas. She should be worshipped to control the spreading of mahammari diseases/ disastors/to protect the border during the war situation.Here is the Link to stotra:धूमावत्यष्टकं पुण्यं सर्वापद्विनिवारकम् ।सर्वापद्विनिवारकम् यः पठेत् साधको पठेत् भक्त्या सिद्धिं विन्दति वाञ्छिताम् ॥महापदि महाघोरे महारोगे महारणे । 


Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu
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