[Advaita-l] Interpreting Jyotishya and their effects in Advaita vedanta

Vishesh Bhat visheshlives at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 03:09:51 EST 2021

Humble Pranams to all,

What is the position of Advaita Vedanta on Jyotishya?? Since the Navagrahas
and the Nakshatras are mentioned in the Vedas, does Jyotishya too have any
basis in Advaita Vedanta??

I ask this in order to better understand Karma. For Jyotishya claims that
the poorva janma karma is manifested as the placement of the Grahas in the
jAtaka also influences the mind and thus determines the actions of the Jiva
in any given life at any time. But if this is so, then wouldn't it be wrong
to attribute bad Karma to these deeds as they are essentially not done with
free will, but compulsion, one could say vAsana??

I could also probably extend my question to understand problems that are
sometimes associated with the influence of Pitr, Preta, Yaksha, etc. How
does Adavita address these issues??


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