[Advaita-l] How is prarabdha karma alloted to a jiva ?

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> Pranams,
> We say that it is the prior janma karmas of a jiva that determines the
> state of a jiva in his current janma. A portion of sanchita karma is
> converted into prarabdha karma & allotted to a jiva.
> But what are the criteria of this distribution at the vyvaharika level ?

No one but Ishwara is deemed to know the ways of Karma. The Bh.gita says
'gahanaa karmaNo gatiH'.  Of the Sanchita karma, that part which is ready
to give fruit to the jiva, is said to have 'fructified', and thus the jiva
takes a new birth to expend/live out the fructified karma, called prarabdha
karma. So this is the criteria.

> Is there a UNIQUE Jiva identity that linearly traverses life after life ?

Yes, the jiva is unique, continues  through several lives, till finally it
gets mukti.

If so then initially there must be a fixed no of jivas. How is it possible?

There is no if condition here.

> Else, We could say that a particular jiva identity is not specific. But
> then how can we say that a particular jiva attained Moksha ?

Every jiva, in  samsara, experiences bodange. When it takes steps to come
out of bondage and succeeds, that jiva is said to have attained moksha.


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