[Advaita-l] How is prarabdha karma alloted to a jiva ?

Mahadevan Iyer mahadevan.n.iyer at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 02:26:27 EST 2021


Thank you for the replies & recommendations.

I would clarify the question.

I understand that vyavaharika ( transactional ) level is mithya.

In Advaita, it is postulated that apparently, the life situations of a
particular Jiva is due to his respective prior life karmas.

So if we suppose,

…in the current Life

A Jiva “A1” doing karma “k1” yields punyam “x” & dies. [ A1:k1  ->  x ]

Another Jiva “B1” doing karma “k2” yields paapam “y” & dies. [ B1:k2 -> y ]

Hence Sanchita Karma is the set [ ……..x,y,…….. ]

My question is…

…in the next Life

Does the same Jiva A1 & A2 reincarnate?

If so, then A1 will have to inherit prarabdha “x” & A2 inherits prarabdha
“y”.  This leads to a finite amount of Jivas. How can there be a finite
number of Jivas ?

If not, then there is no specific identity traversal, hence while attaining
Moksha who is Liberated?

Since there is reincarnation,there must be a certain identity traversal
between lives. Since face, colour, region, etc are different, we consider
that the “karmas” as the determining factor. But if

“By definition, a jiva is the bundle of karma and its effects that persists
from life to life.”

What determines this bundle.

Of course, we could believe that these karma phalams are determined by
ISWARA and hence ISWARA is kartha, it is not deterministic. But, is there
any other alternatives to tackle this?

Is Advaita purely based on faith ?



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