[Advaita-l] How is prarabdha karma alloted to a jiva ?

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Fri Feb 26 19:51:34 EST 2021

Namaste Mahadevan ji
The number of jIvas is not finite. Otherwise the cycle of creation will
come to a permanent halt after some large but finite number of cycles of
creation. This is yukti.

Even according to shruti, there is no mention of a finite total number of
jIvas anywhere .

If anything phrases of praise along the lines,
"ananta-koTi-brahmANDa-nAyaka" are common to refer to Ishvara.


So a single jiva traverses a linear karma-journey.

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> Pranams,
> We say that it is the prior janma karmas of a jiva that determines the
> state of a jiva in his current janma. A portion of sanchita karma is
> converted into prarabdha karma & allotted to a jiva.
> But what are the criteria of this distribution at the vyvaharika level ?
> Is there a UNIQUE Jiva identity that linearly traverses life after life ?
> If so then initially there must be a fixed no of jivas. How is it possible?
> Else, We could say that a particular jiva identity is not specific. But
> then how can we say that a particular jiva attained Moksha ?
> regards,
> *Mahadevan*
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