[Advaita-l] Karma yoga: the kinder, softer preparation for self-inquiry and surrender

Akilesh Ayyar ayyar at akilesh.com
Fri Feb 26 22:52:47 EST 2021


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Self-inquiry and surrender are the most powerful methods for penetrating
the egoic illusion, but for that very reason they require a great deal of
commitment. Because they attack thought and your notion of doership and
control at every moment, they can rouse a lot of fear and anxiety, and
require a great deal of commitment. If they seem simply far too difficult,
there is a preparatory step that is easier: karma yoga. Karma yoga does not
require you to give up your illusions of control. It says, "Go ahead and do
what you need to do. Only keep the attitude that no matter what happens,
good or bad, you are not going to be emotionally affected." Over time,
karma yoga will quiet the mind and loosen the attachments and prepare the
seeker for inquiry and surrender.

Akilesh Ayyar
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