[Advaita-l] Role of Grihasta guru in Shankara matha sambradayam.

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> Hi all,
> 1.Can a grihasta who has acquired a certain amount of sadhana chatustayam.

be an acharya and guide disciples in the path of advaitha..

Yes.  Most of the Acharyas mentioned in the major Upanishads, like
Yajnavalkya, Aruni, Ajathashatru, were all grihasthas and also aparoksha
jnanis.  Shankaracharya, while commenting on one Upanishad, says that 'an
exception of a grihastha being an Acharya for Atma jnana cannot be the

> 2.should a spiritual guru definitely be a jeevan muktha??

Ideally, yes.


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